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Delivering Increased Mobile Revenue With User-First Advertising For FreePostcodeLottery

We began working with the team at Unveil in 2017 and have been pleased with the technology, the support and the revenue potential their content unlock solution brings.
Chris Holbrook,

It’s difficult for publishers to balance user experience and making money on desktop and mobile.  Mobile monetisation is particularly problematic given the limited real estate available for advertising and the attention-poor mobile user.

UnveilMedia partnered with FPL to provide a mobile-first ad solution that not only returned incremental revenue but put its users first.

The key successes of the partnership:

– More Revenue On Mobile: Mobile display just does not deliver. The UnveilMedia paywall consistently delivered FPL high CPMs across its mobile traffic.

– Incremental Income: FPL wanted to make sure UnveilMedia didn’t interfere with its existing revenue streams. This was easy to achieve given we do not compete with any ad tech company. We bring new revenue to publishers.

– Video For All, Not The Few: UnveilMedia allows publishers with no video assets to access high-yielding video advertising revenue.

– Six Second Is Best For Mobile: Attention is limited on mobile. With FPL we had upto 80% completion for our six-second ad format.

– Publisher Control: Given our solution is built into the publisher CMS, FPL controlled frequency and targeting. The publisher knows its audience best.

– Improved Mobile User Experience: UnveilMedia’s video paywall is built around user experience. Our user initiated advertising solution puts users in control.

If you are interested in testing our video paywall solution, enter your details here and our publisher team will be back in touch.

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